Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feb. 2011 Snow Storm

Sharing a pic of the last few days here in central Illinois. It wasnt as bad snow total ways but there is 4 inches of frozen snow, slush , freezing rain under the 6 inches of snow. We had white out conditions with the winds. I am so thinakful that we didnt loose power with all the freezing rain and wind. Im telling you that was brutal. It felt so cold and so slick. The kids are on theri 3rd snow day today. Guess everyone is still digging out and the temps are below 0.
My son did start a new sport in the new snow. Snow surfing. Yup- surfing down a hill, standing on your flat sled.So much fun and when you fall you have lots of snow to cushion. Its harder than it looks. Stay warm and safe my friends

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