Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tin Planter

I am so in love with galvanized tin. I made this planter out of a tub and bucket. Now if I only had a green thumb!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The boys have visons of a hunting partner. Ty and Tuck are already inseperable.
Matt says he's on a week trial to see if he fits. Yeah right, I hting that was decided the first hour he was here.

Tuck a two yr old weinerarner (spelling)

Mary meets Tuck

Meet Tuck. The newest member of our family. He is on a one week trial to see if he fits. Yeah right, I think he fit in the first hour he was here. Hes a 2 yr old Weineraner (spelling). I think the boys have visions of a hunting partner.
Mary (black lab) says what the heck is this.

All done!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Almost done.

A coat of paint and the new tile. It looks so much better. Just a few finishing details and hanging the towel bars. I spray painted them black.

Dont laugh!

HOw the heck to get the toilet out without breakin gmy sore back and dripping all over the floors. Ahah, the wheelbarrow worked nicely.

Hmm, what to do with that toilet.

Hmmm to have the installer take out the toilet and reinstall it the cost was $120. Isn't my husband a pipefitter? His old toilet needed replaced so we decided to take it out and he could get his own toilet and put it in. You know how men are with their toilets! Go Jenna, a few bolts and pulls and easy. (after draining of course)

Bathroom redo.

Im about to get very busy with wholesale orders for fall and xmas. The kids and I thought we would tackle a home project while we had a bit of time. We redid Matts bathroom as a birthday surprise. I had someone install the tile but we did all the prep work to save some $$. The floor had carpet and the residue of a previous carpet that was glued down that had to be scraped. Now that wa snot a fun job. Thanks to Jenna and her friend Tory who did most of the scraping.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Americana Window Topper OOAK

This topper was fun to make. It has rusty bells and safety pins at the top so it an be hung as a curtain topper. Also looks great draped on an old chair.

Primitive Shutters

Painted and recycled shutters are always a big hit!

Primitive Palace Shop Space

Celebrate America by decorating with handmade and recycled this year!

Friday, May 4, 2012

You cant have too many American Flags around for Summer decorating!
Im having fun making new Uncle Sams this year!

Great find for my paint supplies.

My friend gave me an old soda crate and its the perfect piece to organize my spray paints. You could use it for a primitive wine holder too.