Monday, February 28, 2011

Hamilton Hare

Just finished Hamilton the Hare. He is 30 inches tall and made of brown fur. Pretty dapper isnt he?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Harold the Hare

Im having so much fun making Hares this year. Harold is big, Im guessing 24 inches long by 13 inches tall. (I forgot to measure him) He is at the Mercantile Antiques shop. I like to make big and unusual!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Big Ole Hare

This fella is Available at the Mercantile Antiques in Saint Joesph. He is made of grunged cotton batting and is big. I forgot to measure him but I believe he is about 30 inches tall. Hope he hopps into a good home......

New Table Matts $15 each plus shipping

These Table Matts are new for me. They are 14 inches across and made of wool felt and felt. They are are backed and the backside with the same wool felt. I also have some spring designs. Drop me a line if you are interested.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Meet Henry Hare.

This is Henry my newest Hare. He is OOAK .Not sure where he will go just yet. I love to use old vintage things in my designs.

Snoop Hare 28.50 plus shipping

Here's a better picture of my Snoop Hares. I can make them in black or brown as shown. This is the same Hare that is in the tin pail with eggs. I like to put him in an old wagon iwht eggs to. He is lightly weighted and stands by himself. Has a sheep wool cotton tail.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mercantil Antique Shop Pictures

A few pics of my shop space. Im getting is all filled with handmades, vintage finds and prim decor for spring. Hope you can stop by.

Snoop Hare

I call this Hare Snoop Hare. He reminds me of Snoopy with his long nose. This fella is made of painted and grunged fabric. I put him in an old tin bucket and surrounded him wiht his bounty of eggs. He is available in the Mercantile Antiques shop. I will have more available soon.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Makedo's

I love to make makedos and sitters. I think the thrill is deciding what to use as a base. Often I will find a unique object and think of a way to use it as a makedo. I have used shovels, brooms, candlesticks, dustpans, funnels, scoops, rakes and so many other unique finds. All you have to do is think outside the box.

Hare Makedo on Vintage Dustpan $22.50 plus $7. shipping

I love to make makedo's. This piece was fun. My hare is made of ink stained osnaburg , has flossed facial features and wool cheeks. He is mounted on an old vintage dust pan with a stiched saying applied. This piece requires propping and is OOAK.

Primitive Spring Bird Wreaths $12.50 each plus $5 shipping

Im so ready for spring. I made these little birdies and put them on a 10 inch Primiitve dried flower wreath with greens. I love the prim look. I only have a few of these available.

Feb. 2011 Snow Storm

Sharing a pic of the last few days here in central Illinois. It wasnt as bad snow total ways but there is 4 inches of frozen snow, slush , freezing rain under the 6 inches of snow. We had white out conditions with the winds. I am so thinakful that we didnt loose power with all the freezing rain and wind. Im telling you that was brutal. It felt so cold and so slick. The kids are on theri 3rd snow day today. Guess everyone is still digging out and the temps are below 0.
My son did start a new sport in the new snow. Snow surfing. Yup- surfing down a hill, standing on your flat sled.So much fun and when you fall you have lots of snow to cushion. Its harder than it looks. Stay warm and safe my friends

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I have been gathering a few things together for a spring show. I love to paint and repurpose vintage finds. I got these ammo crates a long time ago and have been painting them up. they can be used as a trunk or wall cabinet. I like how the red one turned out. I have painted them in olive green, red and white. The unpainted on the right is my last one. I was thinking about a colonial blue. Any suggestions as to what color I should paint it?


My grubby carrots are made of painted and grunged fabric and are 10 inches long. This is for a set of 6 carrots. My basket is not included. I like to put these on my bunnies, in bowls and baskets and hang them on wire to make a garland.


These fella's are made of inked and painted muslin and grunged in my spice mix. they are made to hang or tuck on a shelf and have stick arms. Avail in black or brown and are 12 inches tall. $18.00 each plus shipping.

These guys are made of painted and inked muslin , have stick arms, are gunged in my spice mix and are 12 inches tall. They can hang on a wall or be tucked on a shelf. You can choose brown or black. $15.00 each plus shipping.