Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New display

I have the backdrop for my show dispaly done. Yeah- is that ever a relief. The green turned out just like I envisioned it after it was antiqued. That doesnt happen often! I didnt paint the old door on the left end. Its to chippy and has to much character. The end doors are the sides and the brown window will be raised up to the level of the top of the doors. That way I can see who is shopping at the shows. I use hinges to hold them together and put a table in the front. The entire piece is about 15 foot long.
I'll take some pics when it is all assembled and set up.

Im devastated!

I have been working on the horse, had it all painted and one of my shutter doors fell on it and broke it. What a bumer. I had it all painted , just needed to take it off the stand and put it on a wonderful old spool and whola- a carosel horse! It would have been perfect for one of my Santas. Oh well, maybe next year.

Big Helpers

Jenna and Ty have been busy making their projects for the shows.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Big Helper

Thank you so much Jenna for painting my show backdrop for me. What a big help. I must say that I will be the only one with a lime green backdrop. I wanted something to make my prims pop! I will antique it a tad to tone it down. What do you think? I'll post when its done and assembled. It will be 3 sets of bifold doors and 2 french style doors all hinged together. While Jenna was busy painting away Mary (our dog) was sunning herself. Oh the life of a dog!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Snowman Makedo's

Heres a couple of snowman makedo's I made from some old funnels. I love giving vintage finds new life.

A couple of Santas I have been working on. Santas are my favorite to make. Make sure to visit back, I will be posting new creations as I get them done.

They're comming along!

Ive been stitching an da stitching. The snowmen are comming along. Just need to put on the finishing accessories and a tad of glass glitter here and there. I finaly feel like I am making progress- 6 weeks to the first show. Good thing I have a big living room!!