Friday, January 22, 2010

New Black Dolls

Meet Addie and Bertie. They are new 2010 "sisters collection" 20 inch tall black dolls. I am trying to make my dolls in pairs (they will be similar but not exact) and naming them with the same letter of the alphabet starting with A. Addies sister is Aggie and Berties sister is Bea. (Aggie and Bea are sold). I may have to be very creative with some names, hee hee.
I have a few valentine listings in my shop, web store and ETSY if youi want to take a peek. Heading on to spring shorlty. I will be a vendor in the spring Antique show in Saint Joseph Ill. on Sat March 20th. Got a lot to do to get ready for that. I will offer painted prims, salvaged items, and my handmades for spring.

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