Monday, July 6, 2009

Ive been making pies!!

Ive been making pies today. I got these cool enamel pie plates last month at my favorite flea market and knew I would make pies for the upcomming holiday season. I ahve come up wiht apple and pumpkin. I have some drid apple slices to put on the apple. Sorry hubby and kids. Dont get to excited, you cant eat them!!!!

I have been trying to get a head start on the xmas season. I have a few new snowman and santas about done. I'll post soon!!


merelyadream said...

They look great! You have been busy, almost good enough to eat :)

Daizy Donna said...

Ack!!! I love Pie!! hehe Thats the kind of pie I should have, heheh One I cant eat!! heheh They look wonderful!! And I just bet they smell SOOOO good, heheh Good enough to eat :)